The Ultimate Youth System is Now in Hampton Roads
Only at Sundays Blue Box Tanning Resort!


Beauty Angel Virginia Beach TanningOnly at Sundays Blue Box Tanning Resort will you find the amazing Beauty Angel, the most advanced skin rejuvenation systems of its kind. Beauty Angel - from the innovative folks at Ergoline, makers some of the best tanning beds and booths in the industry - have devised this system than combines red light therapy and vibrating plate toning to give you the smoothest skin and a youthful appearance that will definitely turn heads!

Discover for yourself how Beauty Angel reduces fine lines and wrinkles, reduces cellulite and shrinks pores, and builds healthy collagen so your skin is left feeling smooth and silky all the time. 

Beauty Angel is now available at our Holland Road and Sandbridge locations. Remember, when you join at one salon, you can visit all of them! Call ahead today to learn more about the Beauty Angel and how it can take years off your skin!

Special Introductory Offer for Beauty Angel!

  •  One Month - $20
  •  Three Months - $50
  •  EFT - $10/month with current EFT package

Why Use Beauty Angel?

UV-Free Skin Therapy That Works! The Beauty Angel may look like a tanning booth, but it's really a Full Body Collagen Stimulator that uses special red lights tuned at 633 nanometers. NO UV LIGHT IS USED! These red lights are clinically proven to stimulate the fibroblasts (skin cells) - this in turn produces collagen, strengthens the elasticity of your skin, and noticeably improves the cellular makeup of your skin.

Reduces Lines and Wrinkles, and Helps Skin Tone! You may notice as you get older, your skin will naturally color and lose its elasticity. That's how we get spots and wrinkles. Beauty Angel works to reverse the aging process and heals damage to your skin brought on by age and the elements. Just three 12-minute sessions a week in Beauty Angel helps turn back the clock on tired, wrinkled skin, making you look and feel younger without calling the plastic surgeon!

Tightens Skins and Reduces Cellulite! Along with the red light therapy, the Beauty Angel's vibration platform works to tighten your skin and improve your muscle tone. While Beauty Angel isn't an automatic "weight loss" machine, it can help book your metabolism and circulation, so you'll feel more energized when you work out.

Good for Reducing Minor Aches! The body vibration technology used in Beauty Angel is similar to that used by astronauts to keep their muscles toned. Vibration is also known to assist in reducing joint pain and to improve mobility and flexibility.

Great to Use After a Tan! After using our Sun Angel, or before stepping into Mystic Spray Tan, try the Beauty Angel for a double dose of skin improvement. The red lights in Beauty Angel naturally assist in your skin's post-tan recovery, while using Beauty Angel before spray tanning helps make the experience better - tighter pores means a healthier glow.

Look Younger and Feel Beautiful with Collagenetics by Devoted Creations

collagen virginia beach tanningSundays Blue Box Tanning Resort also offers at all salons the ultimate in home skin therapy, the Collagenetics line by Devoted Creations. This special anti-aging formula is designed to erase wrinkles and increase collagen production in your skin. Used with red light therapy, these product provide the one-two punch in the fight against age and damaged skin.

All four products are hypoallergenic and provide the best results when used as a four-part system along with Beauty Angel.

Step One: Exfoliating Scrub:  Removes dead skin cells and deep cleans pores to allow for smoother, softer skin.

Step Two: BOV Spray:  Revitalizes skin and maintains skin moisture, so you always look and feel fresh.

Step Three: Syringe: This focused-area serum is a powerful anti-aging solution that targets problems areas on your skin. It helps reverse the aging process and eliminate fine lines and spots.

Step Four: Multi-Targeting Rejuvenating Cream: This post-therapy lotion hydrates and protects your skin from aging elements. It's the perfect cap off the ultimate skin care system.

Contact us today at 757-340-4500 for pricing and availability of the Collagenetics products!





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