ergoline open sun virginia beach tanning Sundays Blue Box Tanning Resort features an array of the latest and finest tanning machines from Europe, Canada, and the United States. We have placed only the top name-brand tanning products in each resort, including the amazing Ergoline Open Sun 1050, a 36-degree, high-pressure bed guaranteed to give you the sexiest tan!

The Ergoline Open Sun 1050 presents a bold new design and innovation in indoor tanning, and is the ultimate in open air tanning bed comfort. Thirty high-pressure units, including three adjustable facial tanning lamps, offer you the pinnacle of tanning technology. This bed is equipped with easy-to-use controls so you get the right shade of tan for your body, plus you can relax in comfort with the airy face and body ventilation features and the headphone connection sockets so you can listen to your favorite music while you tan!

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The Ergoline Open Sun 1050 is available exclusively at select Sundays Tanning Blue Box Resorts, so if you want to maintain that deep, delicious tan come visit us today!

What's next? Each year the Sundays Blue Box Tanning Resort staff attends trade shows and training schools to stay up to date on the cutting edge of equipment and education. Test our staff and you will find the most well-trained staff in the industry. Each of our resorts are staffed with individuals who have been certified and have passed the most rigid tests. Although this is not required by Virginia law, we at Sundays Blue Box Tanning Resort require it to ensure that you achieve the best tanning results today as well as in the future. Sundays Blue Box Tanning Resort has been recognized by Smart Tan as a Certified Smart Tan Salon. Come learn about our membership packages and visit any of our seventeen locations. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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