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When we accumulate body fat, blood circulation becomes worse. As we accumulate more body fat, our circulation decreases even more. Because of a lack of blood circulation, we cannot metabolize or burn body fat. In addition, very little heat is being circulated to that part of your body. This is what we call "cold spots." When we take away the heat from that area of your body and it cools, the fat then turns from subcutaneous fat into cellulite. Subcutaneous fat is very soft and easy to lose. Cellulite is almost like hard muscle that is hardened from lack of blood circulation.

The purpose of the body wrap is to apply heat to the body in order to get underneath the fat tissue and thin the blood to allow it to get into the areas where fat tissue exists. Bringing the blood back into the areas that have had restricted blood flow causes the metabolism rates to rise. The heat softens the fat tissue causing it to break up and be released into the blood stream in the form of calories to be burned up as energy. When we have an excess of calories, the body stores them as fat. The Physedge "Fit" Infrared System reverses this process by breaking the fat down into calories and placing them back into the blood stream to be used as energy.

The Physedge "Fit" Infrared System is able to aid in the breakdown of fat tissue with the use of Far infrared (FIR) energy. FIR energy is a part of the natural light spectrum of sunlight, minus the skin damaging UV rays. It falls within the same family of Infrared Rays in the light spectrum, but it has longer wavelengths, just like Ultraviolet Rays, and cannot be seen by human eyes. FIR energy is beneficial to everyone. Your body can absorb FIR because of its deep penetrating ability. When FIR penetrates skin, it transforms from light energy into heat energy. The thermal effect within the deep layers of tissues causes blood vessels in capillaries to dilate, promoting better blood circulation, and the heat produced helps to rid your body of toxins and metabolic wastes by causing you to sweat.

FIR heat also stimulates the dilation of peripheral blood vessels, bringing oxygen to joints and extremities, relaxing stiff muscles, and even speeding the healing of sprains and strains. The increased blood flow and metabolic rate allow toxic waste to be purged in the form of sweat, allowing for faster recovery of aching and injured muscles. In Chinese medicine, your skin is sometimes referred to as a third kidney because it is believed to be responsible for eliminating up to 30% of your body's waste.

What is a Calorie?

A calorie is a measure of energy expenditure. The calories referred to in diet and exercise, are kilocalories (kcal), 1000 of the calories referred to in science labs for measuring chemical reactions. A pound of fat stores 3500 calories (kcal). To lose half a kilo of fat a week a person must eat approximately 500 fewer calories (kcal) per day than he/she expends. The range of daily calorie burning is from 1600 for a sedentary woman or older people, to 2800 for active men, very active women and teenage boys.

You can burn up to 900 to 1400 calories or more in just one 50 minute session. Your body will burn off those calories through the day. The best of all is that the inch loss from infrared is permanent.

Caloric Burning Equivalents Per 50-Minute Session

Infrared Body Wraps
Marathon Running
Cycling (10 mph)
Walking (3.5 mph)

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