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Sundays Blue Box Tanning Resort is dedicated to providing the ultimate tanning experience for our members and guests. We currently now have SEVENTEEN locations in Hampton Roads, making us the largest tanning resort in Virginia. Sundays Blue Box Tanning Resort features only top of the line tanning machines. With new innovations and dedication to our customers, it's no wonder we are constantly voted Best of the Beach by readers on the Virginian-Pilot...for 20 years straight!

Sundays Tanning Resorts uses the Best Beds from Around the World This is just the beginning of the ultimate guest experience that you can expect from Sundays Blue Box Tanning Resort. If you've never visited us, you can try us out with our special offer for first-time customers: YOUR FIRST WEEK OF LEVEL ONE TANNING IS FREE! Come experience Virginia Beach tanning at its best. Find a location here.

About Sundays Blue Box Tanning Resort

The first Sundays Tanning Resort opened in Pembroke Meadows Shopping Center in January of 1993. Sundays began as a dream in the heart of Michael Ligon. After years of tanning in California, Florida, and North Carolina, Michael relocated to Virginia Beach. He noticed that the average tanning salon had only 8 beds and charged up to $59 per month for tanning. He was convinced that there had to be a better way.

The first unique feature of Sundays Tanning Resort was the size. With 25 beds, it was the first mega salon in the area. Over the next five years it grew to legendary status with a membership program called "Sun Club". This membership allowed people to tan for as little as $19.95 per month! Rumors flew that Sundays Tanning Resort would soon be out of business. However, people responded and soon thousands had chosen Sundays as their tanning salon of choice.

After five years in business, Sundays faced a major hurdle. Due to the expansion of Food Lion, Sundays was forced to move. This meant almost $200,000 worth of rebuilding costs! Michael continued to believe in the dream. He rebuilt the original Sundays on the other side of the shopping center. Although Sundays had to close for several weeks, the clients remained loyal.

Michael took this opportunity to make some positive changes! The original "Sun Club" became the new "Club Tann" program. The membership price changed also....but it didn't go up. It went down to $18.88 per month! New equipment was purchased for Sundays Tanning Resort: larger, high-performance equipment never before seen in the Hampton Roads area. The membership continued to grow and over the next two years and, under the leadership of manager Pat Patterson, Sundays became one of the largest tanning facilities on the East Coast.

Sundays Tanning Resorts uses the Best Beds from Around the World The story doesn't end there. A few years ago more changes happened. A second location opened in Holland Plaza, featuring all-new equipment and even more tanning machine choices. Sundays raised the bar once again! Sundays was the first tanning facility in Virginia to introduce UV-Free spray tanning with "MYSTIC TAN" in the Holland plaza location. This incredible method of tanning was soon followed by the introduction of a second sunless tanning method - the "MAGIC TAN" at the Pembroke Meadows location.

With the addition of Travis Tillson to the management team, Sundays kicked into high gear! At this time, while changes were happening at a rapid pace, the now familiar "STR" logo was introduced. This logo became the brand of Sundays Tanning Resort and can be seen on the windows and bumpers of thousands of vehicles throughout Hampton Roads.

A year after STR 2 opened in Holland Plaza, STR opened its third Hampton Roads location in Chesapeake at the Harbor Watch Shoppes center on Battlefield Blvd. Its first year of operation helped contribute to Sundays leadership role in the eyes of the public by being voted the "Best Tanning Salon in Chesapeake".

When asked what he felt made STR so special, Michael Ligon replied: "The things we tried to do such as changing lamps every 400 hours instead of every 800 hours meant we would provide the best tan for our members and guests. When we charged $18.88 per month instead of $49 per month, we are offering the best price. When we made the decision to open mega salons with state-of-the-art equipment we show that we are cutting-edge as well as the best value. But what really makes us special is our amazing staff of managers, assistant managers, front desk personnel, and support staff. Their dedication to making sure our customers receive the best possible tanning experience is what has facilitated our success. That and of course the fact that our customers are the best in the world. They are the ones who keep us growing by spreading the word about a new way of tanning-STR!"

Today, all locations in Hampton Roads are now known as Sundays Blue Box Tanning Resort and offer the same great service and quality equipment. The Blue Crew travels throughout Hampton Roads to promote safe tanning and healthy skin care. Meet the Blue Crew!

Our mission is to offer the ultimate tanning experience today...and tomorrow discover how we can make it even better! Learn more about joining Sundays with one of our tanning membership packages here.

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